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Hi friends-

I want thank you all again for signing up for this newsletter. Beginning next week I’m going to start game threads during select Dodger games and other playoff games for paying subscribers. These threads will (hopefully) be a fun way for us all to chat and laugh during games when we’re not sobbing into our beers and/or chewing our arms off. I’m planning to launch our first game thread next week during the Dodgers series vs. the Padres, and then keep them rolling all the way through the World Series, regardless of which teams make it. I’m also going to bring in experts who cover all the teams involved to add extra layers of information and entertainment. Most of these *experts* will also be *my friends* so feel free to dunk on them early and often.

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The first six weeks of my newsletter have been awesome. You guys have been wonderful, thank you! I wanted to give you an idea of what I’m planning to do over the next six weeks. I’ve been writing three to four times a week since I started, and that will continue through the end of September. Once the MLB playoffs begin in October, I’ll be writing nearly every day—whether the Dodgers are still in it or not. I plan to attend every playoff game in Southern California, and will probably go up to San Francisco to cover games up there, too. I’ll also run one more stadium food tour next week. Suffice to say, this newsletter will be very baseball heavy over the next six weeks. If you subscribed here for things other than baseball, I love you, I see you, your time is coming soon. :)

I hope you will stick with my baseball coverage no matter how far the Dodgers go, because, well, I’m not sure how far they will go. Watching this team every day is about as fun as trying to cut a rambunctious puppy’s toenails. I think things are moving in the right direction and then all of a sudden there’s blood everywhere. The 2020 Dodgers were awesome. The 2019 Dodgers were awesome (until the very last game). The 2018 Dodgers were even more frustrating than the 2021 Dodgers. They made it all the way to the World Series.

On Thursday it looked like any chance the Dodgers had of winning the NL West had evaporated. Then, with two strikes and two outs in the top of the ninth, Trea Turner lashed a base hit to tie the game. Thirty seconds later in San Diego, the Padres took the lead over the Giants. The Dodgers won ten minutes after that on a Max Muncy tenth inning homer. The Giants lost in extra innings.

Before Turner’s hit, it looked like the Dodgers were about to fall to three games behind the Giants with nine to play, which would have been too much to overcome. Now, they’re only one game back with nine left. It’s crazy how much one swing of the bat can change an entire 162-game season. I wonder if we’ll look back at Turner’s hit as the moment the Dodgers title defense officially began. Or maybe we’ll have forgotten about it in a week.

Losing the NL West division looks much worse today than it did two weeks ago, before this version of the St. Louis Cardinals existed. The Cards have won 12 games in a row and Adam Wainwright looks like Max Scherzer’s evil twin, Jax Scherzer. Either the Dodgers or the Giants will have to face Wainwright and the Cardinals in a sudden death wild card game, which will probably be the most stressful game either team will play this October.

More on the Cardinals and why they’re the scariest October team in tomorrow’s newsletter..