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The latest happenings around MLB.

No jinxies, but we might see Mike Trout back in the playoffs after an eight-year absence!
San Diego is only 1.5 games back in the NL West without two key pieces that will make them even better. How afraid should the Dodgers and Giants be?
After one game separated the two teams in the standings at the end of last season, a half-game separates them through the season's first month.
The Amazins have the most wins in baseball so far, and it's little wonder, since their new owner actually wants to win.
The 2022 season is one week old. Let’s celebrate some of the great things that have happened so far. 1. Jackie Robinson Day wasn’t ruined by the…
We’ve all been living through a pandemic for the past two years, without the ability to opt out. We’re exhausted from managing the free-floating fear…
When I started this newsletter last August I thought I’d write three times a week during MLB’s regular season, then five to six times a week during the…
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