Playoff Baseball Live Chats

Come join us as we chat live during MLB playoff games. These chats are for paid subscribers only.

Will the Astros capture the title tonight or will the Phillies force game 7?
Hi friends- You know the drill October November drill by now. Come join us at 8:03 PM ET/ 5:03 PM PT for game 5 of the World Series. The Phillies will…
Hi friends- We’ll be chit-chatting away during game 4 of the World Series at 8:03 PM ET/5:03 PM PT right here: This chat is for paid subscribers. You…
Hi friends- Now that it has finally (hopefully!) stopped raining in Philadelphia, come hang out and watch game 3 of the World Series with us! The game…
Hi friends- Come hang out and watch Game 2 of the World Series with us! If last night was any indication of how this series will go, we’ve got a long…
Hi friends- Come join us as we watch the first game of the World Series together and talk about the Astros and Phillies, as Justin Verlander squares off…
If the Phillies and Astros win, they will accomplish something that hasn't been done since 1992.
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