Sunday Night Baseball Chats

Join us every Sunday during the regular season as we talk during ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball game. This chat is for paid subscribers only.

10/2 Mets vs. Braves Sunday Night Baseball Live Chat Starts NowCome join us as we watch these two teams battle it out for the NL East title and talk about all other things MLB playoffs!
9/25 Yankees vs. Red Sox Sunday Night Baseball Live Discussion starting now Hi friends- Come hang out with us as we watch Aaron Judge try to tie Roger Maris with 61 home runs this season! See you in the chat. <3
Double Duty Chat Tonight! Cubs vs. Giants (Sunday Night Baseball). And Cowboys vs. Bucs (Sunday Night Football)Hi all! There’s been a lot of sports today! My brain is melting. Let’s get together for our Sunday night chat to talk about the NFL’s opening Su…
8/28 Cardinals vs. Braves Live Discussion ThreadHi friends- Come join me as we discuss St. Louis vs. Atlanta on Sunday Night Baseball. Both of these teams should make the postseason, so it’s a…
8/21 Red Sox vs. Orioles Live Discussion Thread Hi friends- Come join us as we all learn together why the Orioles may be a playoff team this year! Plus all my thoughts on watching wall to wall…
8/14 Yankees vs. Red Sox Discussion Thread Hi dear ones- We are back this week with a live discussion thread during Yankees vs Rex Sox Sunday Night Baseball. Thank you for your patience l…
7/31 Sunday Night Baseball Discussion Thread: Cubs vs. GiantsHi all- We’re back with our Sunday night baseball chats! Come join us now! Cubs! Giants! A Dodger rookie homering in his first major league at-b…
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