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The Long Game is written by me, Molly Knight, a journalist and author based in Los Angeles. I’ve written for ESPN the Magazine, the New York Times Magazine, Men’s Health, SELF, Rolling Stone, Marie Claire, Vulture, Vanity Fair and a lot of other great places. I also wrote the book, The Best Team Money Can Buy: The Los Angeles Dodgers’ Wild Struggle to Build a Baseball Powerhouse, which was a New York Times Bestseller and a Finalist for the Pen America Award for Literary Sportswriting.

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A weekly digest of MLB news and other things I find entertaining. Here are some faves:

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I typically do a deep dive on one topic, unlike my Friday round-up of important things that happened that week. Some examples: a takedown of an owner behaving badly ("Nepo Baby John Fisher Gets His Wish, Moves One Step Closer to Ripping A's Away From Oakland"), a close look at another owner behaving badly ("Orioles Owner to Rest of World: Don't Root for Our Team"), an examination of the MLB commissioner’s public relations issues ( "Rob Manfred Speaks, Nation Groans"), a fun blog about baseball’s main characters ("MLB Is Back in Its Villain Era"), a requiem for a devastating injury ("Shohei Ohtani Tears UCL Because We Can't Have Nice Things"), and more, in your inbox, every Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on the timing of the most fun and interesting stories of the week.

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Our April/May 2024 book club selection is The Last Boy: Mickey Mantle and the End of America’s Childhood, by Jane Leavy.

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We meet every Saturday, year-round, from 12 PM PT to 1 PM PT, over Zoom, to talk about baseball and creativity. Paid subscribers receive the link in their inboxes every Saturday morning.

Long Game Chats
Think of it like Slack meets Reddit meets pre-2012 Twitter, with smart baseball fans who don’t ever bully fans of opposing teams. I don’t allow the vitriol you find in every other sports corner of the internet, and the results so far have been wonderful. We’re building a community of baseball fans who have made friends with each other and look forward to seeing each other twice a week. I think this works because we learn from each other instead of tearing each other down, and we are nerds with heart!

During the regular season: paid subscriber chats about all fifteen games across the league every Friday evening, and free and paid subscriber chats during every Sunday Night Baseball game.

During the postseason: Paid subscribers get live chats during every playoff baseball game.

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Other Things

• I also write about my mental and physical health journeys often. This community loves discussing health and wellness and helping each other out through tough times. It’s really a supportive unicorn space of 11,000+ people who care about each other and also have a good time talking ball. <3

• In the off-season, I also offer a 12-week course on creativity using Julia Cameron’s excellent guide, The Artist’s Way.

If you want in on The Long Game but can’t afford it right now, I completely get it! Some loyal subscribers have donated free subscriptions that I’m able to give away. Email me at bestteambook@gmail.com

A Few of The Long Game’s Inside Jokes and Catchphrases

*A pre-occupation with Joc Pederson getting slapped. He must be protected at all costs!

*“Matt Mark:” our Reds correspondent who is named Mark but we thought he was named Matt. Or is he named Mark and we thought he was named Matt? No one knows or cares anymore! He is Matt Mark.

*A general obsession with nepo baby owners. Nepo baby owners are men who only run baseball teams because their dads were rich. They have no other qualifications, and tend to be the worst kind of owners, and they must be stopped!

*”Baseball is awesome/terrible.” Which… yes, I should create a merch store with T-shirts and caps.

“Piece of metal.” Rob Manfred’s assessment of the value of a World Series trophy. He is forever known as Rob “Piece of Metal” Manfred or Rob “POM” Manfred in these parts.

So, to recap, free subscribers get a Friday post and a Sunday Night Baseball chat during the MLB regular season. Paid subscribers get all my posts, chats, weekly Zooms, our book club and our 12-week creativity course (if they want to join).

If you need me, I can be reached via email at @bestteambook@gmail.com

I can also be found here:

  • Instagram at @molly_knight

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  • Bluesky at @molly_knight

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Molly Knight is a writer and author living in Los Angeles. Her first book, "The Best Team Money Can Buy," was a New York Times Bestseller.
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