Bryce Harper was christened "The Chosen One" at 16. On Sunday night, he homered to win Philadelphia the National League pennant.
After a postseason defined by strikeouts, the Phillies and Padres engaged in a thrilling, nine-inning slugfest. Hallelujah.
The Amazins suffered a brutal first-round playoff exit yesterday. But unlike after past postseason debacles, there is reason for hope going forward.
Or: Mariners fans enjoy one of the most epic MLB comebacks of all-time.
One of these pitchers failed to perform yesterday when his team needed him most. You will never guess who.

September 2022

Pujols passed Alex Rodriguez for fourth all-time on the HR list with 697. Him hitting 700 was a pipe dream when the season began. Now it's a given.

July 2022

All-Star Game Chat Live from Dodger StadiumHi friends- Come join me during the All-Star game to chat about all things MLB, including where Juan Soto might wind up, Rob Manfred’s comments …

June 2022

The Angels tried to stop their 13-game losing streak by playing nothing but Nickelback songs when their hitters went to bat last night. They got shut…
MLB stars are just like us! Except way more emotional.

May 2022

No jinxies, but we might see Mike Trout back in the playoffs after an eight-year absence!
San Diego is only 1.5 games back in the NL West without two key pieces that will make them even better. How afraid should the Dodgers and Giants be?

April 2022

After one game separated the two teams in the standings at the end of last season, a half-game separates them through the season's first month.